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Kirsten Baade

Kirsten Baade is a highly skilled and passionate creator based in Meanjin/Brisbane. Her work extends across a diverse range of mediums, including large-scale sculptures, electronic art, light art, murals, and illustrations.


Kirsten's artistic vision is characterised by the creation of beautiful and quirky objects and environments, bursting with vivid and colourful expressions. A particular fascination with lighting technology drives her to explore its creative potential fully. When conceptualising her projects, Kirsten places significant emphasis on the physical and material properties of the technology she employs.


Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) from the University of Queensland. This academic background provided her with problem-solving skills and the ability to translate her artistic visions into tangible realities. Over time, she has gained extensive experience in creating large-scale public art projects, often integrating electronics and lighting to enhance her artistic endeavours. Notably, Kirsten has a strong background in working on site-responsive projects.


With a passion for creating vibrant and imaginative art, Kirsten Baade brings her diverse expertise in various mediums to life, inspiring audiences with her unique and captivating works.


Selected Clients

Festival Installations

Queensland Children's Hospital

Taco Bell 

Brisbane City Council

Gold Coast City Council

Currumbin Wildllife Sanctuary

Vivid Sydney

World Science Festival Brisbane

SWELL Sculpture Festival

BIGSOUND Music Festival

QUT Sustainability Week

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